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Finance your training

Whether you are an employee, self-employed, business owner, liberal profession or job seeker, a multitude of solutions are available to help you finance the development of your language skills.

The Personal Training Account (CPF) on working time

Your CPF follows you throughout your working life and allows you to acquire a funded training budget, whatever your professional background. Involve your employer in your process and get their agreement. Your salary will be maintained for the hours worked during your working time. In some cases, your employer may even decide to top up the financing of your training, that is to say, to supplement the overall amount of your CPF rights if these prove insufficient to finance your entire training.

The CPF has been denominated in euros since January 2019. It remains attached to the person and not to the employment contract. From December 2019, go to the online platform or mobile application to take all the steps. Do not hesitate to contact your inlingua team for personalized support in setting up your project.

Download our explanatory sheet to know everything about the CPF


CPF outside working hours

Do you want to do your training outside of your working hours? Your employer’s consent to use your CPF is not required. This is a solution that is often appreciated when looking to retrain or improve employability without informing your employer.

All information is available on:
PLEASE NOTE: All your rights accrued and resulting from the conversion into euros of the hours of the former DIF system (Between 2005 and 2014) will be permanently lost June 30, 2021!
It is therefore more urgent than ever to choose your course.

Employment center

Training for job seekers: our inlingua centers offer you training that is accessible through various mechanisms.
– The CSP (Professional Security Contract): are you an employee in the process of redundancy? The CSP helps you in your return to work.
– The AIF (Individual Training Assistance): do you want to take a training course to retrain or create your own business? The AIF offers you financial support.
– The CPF (Personal Training Account): take advantage of your CPF rights to train yourself in languages.

The Skills Development Plan

The Skills Development Plan succeeds the Training Plan and, except for very specific sectors of activity, gives the right to public or pooled funding only for companies with less than 50 employees.
Depending on size and sector your company’s activity, check with your Human Resources Department.

Our centers are partners of different OPCOs, please contact your nearest center to benefit from the negotiated training.

Have you thought about the FNE system for language training for your employees?

In this delicate covid period, each company that has declared itself on short-time work can use the FNE (National Employment Fund) system to train its teams. Coverage of 70% of costs for your employees on short-time working up to a limit of €1,500 including tax.
Concerns face-to-face training in one of our centers or by video (Zoom inlingua, or others). Language training certifying and qualifying (validated by a Linguaskill, Bright, TOEIC, Flex test, etc.)