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inlingua Expertise

At the heart of our concern: to allow you to overcome your inhibitions in conviviality and the pleasure of learning.

Who are we?

Our experience

Present on five continents through 40 countries and some 300 centers around the world, inlingua has a first-class global reach. This leadership is based on more than 50 years of experience with methods that have been proven in all latitudes and with all audiences.

Our method

inlingua means ‘in the language’, which implies that learning takes place entirely in the target language. inlingua, thanks to very gradual learning paths, puts the learner in situations of know-how and not failure. His motivation is strengthened and allows him to progress naturally.
The inlingua trainer uses a variety of means to put the learner in a situation so that he or she acquires grammatical and lexical notions in various contexts.

Our 3 learning phases

1) “Presentation” this phase provides the participant with lexical and structural elements and makes them aware of their use;

2) “Practice” is the phase which aims at the acquisition of reflexes for easy expression and spontaneous reactions;

3) “Production” corresponding to the stage during which the new elements are contextualized and integrated for active use in a situation, here in this context targeted according to the areas of the branch.

The keys to a successful program

Inlingua’s development is based not only on its learning method but also on the teams of trainers.
The network has capitalized on its internal resources with qualified employees, chosen for their teaching skills, trained in our method and evaluated. during educational visits.

Our trainers

Our trainers are native or bi-cultural, qualified in training adults in a professional context and knowing how to adapt tools and methodology to different situations.

Graduates of higher education in different fields (Physical sciences, social sciences, literary…)

They are trained in the inlingua method and certified in teaching their mother tongue as a foreign language. They all have valued experience in the professional framework of the various professions and have the human qualities and dynamism required.

Our educational tools

More than 500 titles published by inlingua in our international research and development center contribute to the progress of our learners:
The materials are calibrated by level – the European level with the communication skills and competences repository.

They deal with general and professional themes (on skills: negotiating, drafting, telephoning…or areas of activity: finance, communities, organization, etc.) More than 1000 professional skills are offered.

Why choose us?

Mastery of the language training sector and the responsiveness of our teams allow you to simplify your administrative procedures to start your training calmly and quickly acquire the desired skills.

Know-how and friendliness

inlingua is an international network.
We are all independent dealers and human-sized structures which makes us close to our customers and attentive to their expectations.

Whether you are a large group, an ETI, an SME, a VSE, a self-employed person or an individual, the inlingua teams are at your disposal to provide you with the best advice. As each of you is unique, we bring you our expertise to ensure you a suitable course and personalized follow-up.

At the heart of our concern: to allow you to overcome your inhibitions in conviviality and the pleasure of learning.


To our professional customers, we ensure regional proximity: you contact the inlingua center located near your company; this organizes for you and if necessary with the other inlingua centers in France, the training courses that you wish to deploy in the region or throughout the territory. We offer you a single point of contact for the administrative part and educational follow-up. The training provided in the regions will be homogeneous, with the same method and the same tools in each of the centers.

Responsiveness and adaptability

Your inlingua team is at your disposal to provide a rapid response to your requests, whether administrative or educational.
Your course will be adapted according to your needs, availability and budget!

The quality of our follow-up

In each of our centers, a financial and educational engineering department takes care of your file

Setting up your course

The administrative team and the pedagogical manager will advise you on the type of training that is right for you. Once the formula has been chosen, we will work with you on your CPF file online.

Upon receipt of the financing agreement, you are contacted by our planning manager who offers you various slots.

Once your choice has been made, the planning of your training course is communicated to you in its entirety.

Your language training

Your team of trainers is defined according to your level and your needs. You can send us your comments and expectations at any time.
We regularly submit satisfaction questionnaires to you to adjust your journey according to your feedback. This regular follow-up allows us to best meet your needs and ensure rapid and efficient progress.

To validate your training

At the end of the training we provide you with a detailed progress report. And if necessary, we offer you certifications that will further formalize your level.
In the case of a CPF, this test is mandatory to validate your training and its funding. You will be prepared for it throughout your training.
This allows you to validate the skills acquired through your inlingua training!

They trust us

All our centers are DATADOCK referenced.
This allows you to finance all or part of your training through training funding bodies approved by the state (Caisse des Dépôts and OPCO)

Our certifications: ISO 29990 / AFNOR


And many others! ETI, PME, TPE, CPF, individuals…