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Do you know the St. Patrick's Day ?

Do you know the St. Patrick's Day ?

St. Patrick’s Day (St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland), although originally an Irish holiday  that celebrates Irish heritage and culture, it is widely celebrated in English-speaking countries due to the spread of popular culture and all the colorful and fun aspects of this day, such as: wearing green for good luck (green allegedly makes you invisible to mythical leprechauns who like to pinch everyone they can see), four-leaf clovers, pots of gold at the end of a rainbow, etc.

 St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th
Here are some expressions about luck:
¨To be on a lucky streak¨ means to be on a period of continual luck! For example, you might say:
¨Last week, I won all my basketball games and I have won all my basketball games this week also! I am on a lucky streak!¨
¨Beginner’s luck¨ refers to luck that is experienced by someone doing something for the first time and doing it unbelievably well.
For example: ¨It is Marta’s first time picking up a baseball bat and she just hit a home run! It must be beginner’s luck!¨

Enjoy and Happy St Patrick’s Day !



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